Cluedo spinning detectives

The game's gameplay is highly immersive, with various Bonus features, including Wilds. The game is based on the popular mystery game Cluedo. The players are challenged to solve the mystery, but with the help of a'magic' wand, they can earn a large sum of money. The slot features 12 main symbols. However, players must carefully select their room symbol.

The theme of the game is crime and the graphics are quite similar to those of the previous versions. The gangsters, criminals, and cops are all in the game. The gameplay is simple, but the bonus features make the game extremely interesting. The slot is compatible with the majority of online casinos. In addition, the bonus rounds can be accessed in the demo mode. Although the gameplay of Cluedo Spinning Detectives may not be as exciting as its predecessor, the slot is highly fun.

There are a few drawbacks to Cluedo Spinning Detectives. The game has a relatively high RTP, but has some limitations. For example, it lacks an autospin feature. In the bonus round, players must match 3 cards of the same colour. If they match all three of the same colour, a bonus prize will be awarded. It's an overall fun game that's perfect for beginners.

One of the most popular board games is Cluedo. This game is based on the popular board game Cluedo. It has five bonus rounds. The bonus rounds can be triggered anytime during the game. During the free trial period, players can try out the game for fun. The slot features static rewards. In this way, the players can check the features of the slot before playing it for real money.

While Cluedo does not offer a progressive jackpot, it has a surprisingly high RTP. Moreover, the bonus rounds can be completed without using real money. Despite the low RTP, the game's payouts are relatively high. Whether you're a novice or a veteran, the casino games are sure to have a variety of features to suit all types of players.

The game is compatible with mobile devices. In addition to the desktop version, the mobile version has 5 reels. Its graphics are comparable to the desktop version. This mobile slot also offers a rotating room and pop-up rooms. Its sleudo. The classic board game Cluedo has a high RTP. It has a large number of bonus rounds and other bonuses.

The game was first released in 1949. The slot game is based on the popular board game. During this time, it became the most popular video slot. Now, it has evolved into a multi-platform experience. In addition to the board version, the video version is available in both English and German. It also supports a large selection of bonus rounds. While it may be difficult to find the right balance in the base game, the player can bet on the Jackpot feature.